Dispatch from the Mirror: On Beauty and Power

There’s some sort of alternating synergy between the work or hobbies most people pursue – but a stark contrast is harder to find. It takes a different type of visual, perhaps that of a beautician who doubles as a competitive weightlifter.

Brittni Perry is a hairstylist and cosmetologist by trade and powerlifter by hobby. She lives in a world of seemingly polarizing forces: feminine vs masculine, beauty vs power, hard vs soft, smoothing vs building.

Yet sometimes, it is not her opposing actions that are asymmetrical, but aspects in each part of life that appear – at the surface – not to match. It takes digging a little deeper to piece the pictures together. See for yourself.

"You can be strong and beautiful and it is beautiful to be strong."

Editorial by Naomi Barnett

Photography by Chris New

Video illustration by Ryan Hanson

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Dispatch from the Mirror: On Beauty and Power