Humans are an ambitious species, always asking: “How far can I get, and how soon can I get there?” Naturally, this obsession with speed also appears in business. We all want to go fast and be first.

Being first to market is great. Knowing what to do once you get there is better. That’s why this issue of Unfiltered is dedicated to Velocity.

The formula for velocity is speed with direction. Or, as we’ve come to define it, speed with intention. Why intention? Because to reach a goal, you have to have one in mind. Your target needs to be defined, but your approach must be flexible and balanced. Finally, you have to remember your audience, and know how you’ll inspire them to action.

In other words, it’s about precision, flexibility, balance, and connection. Click through the tiles to learn more about how to apply these principles to your own efforts.

We know you like to go fast, but we hope you stay awhile to explore this issue of Unfiltered with us.

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