The web is far from being one seamless homogenous center where we gobble information like whales passing through a swarm of plankton. Over the past two decades, it has grown into an amorphous ecosystem full of complexity and personal interaction.

Atomization is a recognition and celebration of that heterogeneity.

Atomization is two-fold. Similar to a city that’s made up of individual neighborhoods, a brand’s story is built up of many parts that form its whole.

Secondly, Atomization recognizes there is no such thing as a “one-platform-fits-all” approach for creating content. It’s essential to adapt and tailor messages for each platform and for each audience. From a tweet to a thirty second spot, a story can be infinitely broken down into different pieces, and remixed to fit many different forms.

In this issue of Unfiltered, we put Atomization into action by creating content that supports one overarching message, but is tailored for many different platforms and audiences. The message we chose is scent.

We chose scent because, like Atomization, it operates on both a micro and macro-level. A scent is made up of individual molecules that our nose absorbs and our brain defines. But it’s also a shared experience, one that helps characterize and brand objects, people and places.

Explore this issue further to learn more about Atomization, and how to apply it to your own marketing efforts.

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