About Us

What is this all about?

Unfiltered is raw and authentic. It’s not censored, or toned down, or heavy with spin. In a world where things move at rapid fire speed, this is our online space to cut through the noise and share our unique point of view, on everything from redefining beauty and power to how binge-watching tv shows can make us more socially responsible, to the meaning of peanut butter and jelly in American culture.

We bring you real stories on complex issues, like solving the digital divide, cracking the mystery of the peanut allergy and an inside look at the perfume industry. We try to stimulate your senses, by taking you on an olfactory tour of New York City, and exploring what it means to taste without a sense of smell.

Here at SJR, we like to think of ourselves as asymmetrical thinkers who take a different approach to solving problems and telling stories. But at our core, we’re pragmatists: creative, yet thoughtful. Passionate, yet rooted in the ground.

We hope you read this and learn something new, or at least, think about things in a different way.