We’re living in a world of unprecedented digital disruption, where very few companies are making it to their fifth decade. 

Digital has changed everything, from the way we exchange goods and consume entertainment, to the way we communicate. 

In order for brands to survive and be successful, they need to think differently. They need to redefine success as they know it, and blaze a new path forward. They need to think asymmetrically. 

This year, we’re approaching Unfiltered a little differently. Throughout the course of the year, we’ll be publishing think pieces, profiles, graphics and videos that explore Asymmetry – what it looks like, what it feels like, what it thinks like, and even what it smells like. 

So, if you’re in the mood for something a little different, stick around awhile and find out why unicorns are overrated, but zebras are our spirit animals, and ponder the contrast of beauty and power personified. 

Hear from GE’s Beth Comstock on why, when the world is in flux, asymmetrical thinkers have a huge advantage, and Google Fiber’s Gabriel Stricker on how to provide fast, affordable internet for everyone. Yes, everyone. 

Got a question? About this issue, your life choices, your dinner plans? Ask us anything. Our Magic 8-ball will spit out an asymmetrical solution, just for you. 

How are you thinking asymmetrically? 

Asymmetry from Group SJR on Vimeo.

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