“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

That quote is attributed to Albert Einstein, the father of Relativity, and perhaps one of the most brilliant people to ever live. (Oddly enough, the actual asymmetrical folding patterns in his brain might be responsible for his remarkable ability to solve problems in physics…)

Here at Unfiltered, it’s the year of asymmetrical thinking (and feeling, looking, and smelling) and our latest issue, Asymmetry: #ThinksLike, is devoted to problem solving. We spend our days constantly facing challenges big and small – from improving time management skills at work to navigating a puddle on the sidewalk. But some solutions require a different way of thinking.

In this issue, we examine both real world problems – infrastructure projects, past, present and future – and thinking games, like logic puzzles. We try our hands at a custom word puzzle created especially for us by a bonafide puzzle master, and find out why humans are inherently attracted to mysteries. We also make the case for a return to deep-dive narratives told through a human lens. Longform brand journalism in the age of Snapchat – what’s more asymmetrical than that?

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