Now you see it, now you don’t. There’s no getting around it: digital content today is ephemeral. It flows freely through our feeds, from Google search results to Facebook and Twitter, and on video-based platforms like Snapchat and Periscope.

How do you solve for impermanence? You serialize.

The antidote to the ephemeral age, serialization speaks to our desire to target audiences with the same messages over and over again. That doesn’t mean we have to be boring or drone on and on. It means we have to be creating engaging content on a regular, ongoing basis.

In this issue of Unfiltered, we explore serialization in its most relatable, ubiquitous form: media. We make the case for why rich and deep serialization – or, as we call it, RAD Serialization – allows us to find, connect with, and build a relationship with audiences in the ever-shifting digital world.

Finally, you may be wondering, what’s with all the oranges? The orange represents a narrative: whole, round, and nutritious. Each slice of an orange is a message. These individual pieces of content give shape to the overall narrative. And, of course, as one of nature’s best product designs, orange slices are perfect for sharing.

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