The perfect translation does not exist. Translations are filtered through people, time, memories, thoughts and emotions, and with each passing, their meaning is diluted, distorted and changed. It is an imperfect science.

Yet communication is rooted in translation. We are all translators. We translate when we speak, listen, see, hear, taste and smell. But what elements inform our translations, and how do we increase our chances of being understood?

This issue of Unfiltered is dedicated to exploring that question. We took one subject, the peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and translated it into different mediums, including audio, text, video, photography and animation. We chose the PB&J because we needed something sticky to ground us. It’s both simple and iconic, and, for us, provided the perfect reference point to begin our translations.

Click through the tiles below to explore the Translation issue of Unfiltered. Bon appetit.

Header image by Chris New. 

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